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How would you feel if someone told you that as much as 75% of the heat you generate (and pay for!) inside your home in winter might be disappearing though your ceiling, walls, windows and floor?  Well, consider yourself told! The good news is, whether you are building from scratch, or retrofitting an existing home there are a range of ways you can stop the leaks – and for a range of budgets too.

It doesn’t matter whether you are building, renting or renovating, stopping the leaks in your home can make a significant different to the comfort levels of your home.

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In your home, the roof, walls and floor all allow heat to enter and escape your home.  The degree to which this occurs is determined by how well insulated each of these elements are.  Insulating a home will not only make it much more comfortable all year round, it can reduce the cost of heating and cooling by over 40%.


Windows are incredibly important to the livability of a home.  They provide light, enhance aspect and allow good, controlled ventilation when you want it.  But they also can account for up to 25% of your heat gain in summer and up to 20% of your heat loss in winter.  According to Sustainability Victoria, a single glazed, 3mm deep pane of glass can lose from ten to 15 times more heat than an insulated wall of the same area.  On the positive side windows allow winter sun in, which can be harnessed to warm your home.   Discover how you can:

  • maximise winter sun penetration through your windows in winter
  • Reducing heat gain in summer; and
  • minimise excessive heat gain in summer

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