Solar Electricity

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Need facts relevant to Ballarat

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 How much electricity do you currently use?

When people are investigating the viability of generating their own electricity using solar panels they often ask what impact it will have on their overall electricity bills.  Many factors influence the answer to this question, the most fundamental of which is how much electricity do you use in the first place.  Understanding your electricity bill is the first step to reducing your overall usage and using your electricity more effectively.

How much energy do you generate in Ballarat?

On average a 2kw system installed in Ballarat will generate 4kw hours/day across the year.  Obviously this fluctuates with more sunny days in summer and less in winter (!)

Choosing a system

Making the decision about what type of system is right for you can be daunting.  Luckily RENEW, a DIY sustainability magazine produced by the Alternative Technology Association have compiled a series of buyers guides to provide consumers with independent advice on sustainable products for their home.

What rebates are available?

There are some great rebates and incentives available from your local, state and federal government to help you reduce your energy and water use.   Check out these sites to see what you are eligible for.

  •  LivingGreener, a Federal Govt. website, has up-to-date information on rebates available around Australia.
  • The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has an easy to use map to find out what is on offer in your state.

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Renewable Energy – what is it

The Australian Government’s Your Home Technical Manual has great resources for home builders including this one on renewable energy, which outlines what is available and how to maximize the benefits to your overall energy consumption.

The Australian Institute of Energy has compiled a range of fact sheets on different energy sources.