Green Energy

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Household electricity consumption can account for up to 50% of your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. Utilising electricity produced from renewable sources is a smart way of reducing our emissions. Whilst producing our own energy at a household level is one option, not everyone is in a position to upgrade their solar hot water system or invest in a solar photovoltaic system, however you can still drive demand in renewable energy by purchasing green power.
Purchasing Accredited Green Power enables consumers to buy accredited green power from the electricity grid. The Australian Government runs an accreditation program for renewable energy entitled GreenPower which works by offsetting your household’s electricity consumption with renewable energy, which is then added to Australia’s electricity grids. So choosing GreenPower drives the demand for renewable energy in Australia, in turn generating a greater supply of energy from renewable sources.

Ballarat will soon have enough renewable energy through wind and solar generation to cover its power needs.  However, because of storage considerations it still needs to be on the power network for export and import.

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Purchasing Green Power

Purchasing green power does not necessarily cost as much as you might think. GreenPower is a government accreditation program that enables your energy provider to purchase renewable energy on your behalf. Visiting GreenPower will enable you to see which electricity retailers offer accredited GreenPower.

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Other sources of information on green energy include

Australian Conservation Foundation, which has produced a guide to choosing green energy.
In 2007 an evaluation was conducted of the different GreenPower products by Green Electricity Watch, a coalition of ACF, Total Environment Centre and WWF Australia which ranked GreenPower products on their ability to reduce greenhouse emissions and support the growth in new renewable energy in Australia
Choice investigated price differences between accredited GreenPower products