Stop wasting it

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With an estimated $5.2 billion worth of food being thrown out in Australia each year, it is a time to look at what we put into our rubbish bins each week. Wasting food hurts the hip pocket, and the environment. Not only are we literally throwing money in the bin, we are also wasting all the resources that created that food in the first place.

And what about packaging?

The more packaged our food, the more of our precious resources end up in our bins. So why not try some of these actions?

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Would you be surprised if someone told you that you will waste up to 30% of the fruits and vegetables that you buy? Shocking isn’t it, but unfortunately in Australia an enormous amount of the food that we purchase ends up in our bin, costing up to $1,000/year. You can easily reduce this waste – so get started today.

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Recycling your organic waste through composting or through feeding them to worms or chooks is not only good for our planet it is great for the garden. They are a cheap and natural way of turning your organic waste into rich food for your garden. It also helps reduce the cost and the carbon footprint associated with transporting organic waste to landfill where, when it breaks down it emits harmful greenhouse gases like methane, as it breaks down without oxygen.

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Learn how to recycle effectively through your kerbside bin so your efforts aren’t wasted!


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