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Nothing beats walking out your backdoor and picking fresh herbs and vegetables for dinner.  You know exactly how they were grown, you don’t have to worry about {tip title="food mile" content="the distance an item needs to travel to reach your table"} food miles {/tip}  and in many cases they taste so much better!  Check out these resources to get your veggie garden started today.

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After many years of growing fruit and vegetables in Ballarat, local gardening guru John Ditchburn has developed a fantastic website called the Urban Food Garden which is all about growing fruit and vegetables in Ballarat.  This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gardeners including this terrific guide to designing a vegetable garden.

There are also many local groups you can join or chat to get valuable local information.  

Gardening is great for children. Kids in the garden can learn about science, nature and the environment from growing their own food, and have fun and get dirty at the same time!  Make sure your edible garden is a safe place with suitable tools, equipment and landscaping. Plant herbs, vegetables, fruits and quick-growing colourful flowers and plants.

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If you are new to growing veggies, one of the most difficult aspects can be knowing what vegetables will grow in our local climate, and when to plant them.  Luckily for us this our local gardening guru, John Ditchburn, has put together this Ballarat vegetable planting guide to take all the mystery out of this.

Once you have got your head around what to plant and when, you might be interested in saving seeds from one season to plant for the next.  This is a great way of saving money, but also means that you can start to choose plants that have done well and suit your tastes and grow them from year to year.  And it is not as hard as it might sounds… and again we turn to John’s Urban Food Garden website to explain the different seed saving methods.

If you’re keen to grow your own seedlings from seed, this video from Green It Yourself is a great starting point.

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Visit the “Celebrate the Seasons” section of our website to find some great seasonal recipes including information on preserving and pickling to help you deal with the harvest glut.

Have a look at  Swap Shuffle Share – an online community of Australians keen on locally grown food. Here you can find recipes and gardeners tips, plan local food swaps, and more; all things food gardening!


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No room for a veggie garden – join some of these community options

The Ballarat Community Garden is located on the corner of Queen St and Dytes Pde in Ballarat East.  A vibrant community space, this community garden offers memberships for garden plots where you can grow your own veggies whilst also connecting and learning from others.

Friends of Royal Park is located at Buninyong and also offers memberships for garden plots.

Some other options that might appeal…

Landshare Australia brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food.

Other resources

Again we turn to John’s Urban Food Garden website to explain the finer points of managing pests and other invaders that might infiltrate your garden.

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