Drive change with your dollar

And every time we buy something we are supporting the type and source of that food, the way it was grown or produced, the packaging that surrounds it, the system that transported it and the retailer that sold it. The people and practices involved at each stage rely on us to keep supporting them. That makes us quite powerful! So what should we do with the power?
Visit the local food list today!

Find your local food easily with the local food database.

Why not use this power to buy food that supports our local community, doesn’t threaten future abundance and has a smaller impact on the environment? Make sense doesn’t it! Here’s a great resource to help you find where to buy food that’s locally grown and produced.

BREAZE with support from the City of Ballarat have produced this searchable local food database. You can search either by the type of food you want, or search for local retailers to see what local produce they are selling.

Here are some other ways you can support local food production:


Buy seasonally

Farmers Markets offer a great opportunity to purchase produce directly from the producer. Check out the Farmers Markets website for dates and locations of farmers markets in the Ballarat region.

Check out the Celebrate the Seasons part of the website, to reconnect with what food is in season when!

Support local food producers & retailers

As well as the Smart Directory Food List, there are a number of great sources of information on what food is grown locally and where you can purchase it:

Moorabool Shire Council also have pulled together information on the local producers in their area – check out their Visit Moorabool website to find out what is growing locally.
Have a look at The Locavore Edition – which aims to reconnect consumers with producers. You will find information on local farmers markets, profiles of local growers from across Victoria and much more.
Calculating food miles – Visit the Organic Linker website to calculate the distance food has travelled

Support ethical & sustainable farming practices

Whenever we select a product from the shelf for our shopping trolley we are supporting the farming practices behind the product. With so many different environment claims it is hard to know what the best choice is. Below are some great resources to help you navigate your way through the maze of food claims.

  • Have a look at Sustainable Table’s 10 step guide to more sustainable consumption.
  • Local Harvest “Buy Good Food” page is a great introduction to some places where you can buy food outside of the mainstream.
  • ACF Seafood guide
  • Sustainable seafood guide
  • Sustainable Table’s “Fishy Business” delves into the underwater world of the sustainability of our fishing practicesw.
  • Ethical Consumer Guide (check out their iphone application – Shop Ethical which gives you the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brands you buy in the supermarket.)
  • Finding it difficult to decipher the branding of chickens & eggs – check out Sustainable Table’s Free Range Egg & Chicken Guide
  • Confused by organic – not surprising given that there is not one overarching certification scheme for organic produce in Australia – here is a list of all of them! Want to get your head around it all – Sustainable Table’s “Organic Sceptics” is a good place to start .
  • Fair Trade – By choosing products carrying the FAIRTRADE Label, consumers can support farmers, their families and communities in receiving more stable and secure incomes, better working conditions, and enhanced investment in quality and local environmental sustainability
  • Carbon reduction labeling scheme